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The Ultimate Guide
to UX Design

Everything you need to know about building modern experiences that delight users and deliver results

UX Design:
Bringing Innovations to Life

With expertise spanning digital strategy to technical development, UX Designers are today’s bridge between opportunity and reality. From finance and eCommerce to healthcare and education, the discipline of UX design has radically reshaped what’s possible across every vertical.


UX Design integrates business opportunities with research insights


UX Design focuses team resources on the highest-impact areas


UX Design works seamlessly across iterative development environments


UX Design delivers robust systems that grow alongside solutions

75% of US consumers say experience plays an important role in purchase decisions [1]

Get Started with UX Design

From guiding principles to granular processes, the digital guide to UX Design provides all the perspective you need to build exceptional solutions. Explore examples from industry giants like Nike and Goole, and work through robust case studies that bring it all together.

54% of US consumers feel most companies must improve their experience [1]

Common UX Design Questions

Check answers to common UX Design questions before diving into the guide

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design are two closely related, yet separate disciplines. While the lines between the two are often blurred, the simplest description is that UX defines how the solution should work, whereas UI defines how the solution should look. That said, there are many overlapping facets to each, and many designers have adopted “UI/UX” titles to reflect their expertise across both disciplines.

As the bridge between insights and solutions, UX design stakeholders work in diverse areas. Leaders from business development, customer experience, sales, marketing and technology are all needed to help shape the effective solutions. Even expert users can be integrated into the UX design process.

While the practice of building prototypes to test out concepts before investing in large-scale production is not new to UX design, it is a defining element of the UX Design process. Combining traditional skills like sketching with new tools like Sketch, today’s UX designers are able to prototype experiences faster and more accurately than ever. This helps teams make more data-informed decisions earlier in the process while reducing wasted resources.

Like the application of any discipline, there is no set length for how long UX design should take. Many teams in Agile or Lean environments are constantly working on UX, while others apply a targeted approach to build scalable frameworks. With this in mind, the most common UX deliverables such as user story maps, UX sitemaps and wireframes typically take days to weeks to develop based on the level of complexity and available resources.

Top UX Design Deliverables

Explore how UX designers turn complex goals into intuitive solutions

User Story Maps

The bedrock of UX design is built up from user stories

Learn more

User Flows

Establish the interfaces required and their relationships

Learn more

UX Wireframes

Powerful new tools let teams model immersive experiences early than ever

Learn more
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