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Konrad-Icon-WhiteKonrad UI Design Guide 2024

The Ultimate Guide
to UI Design

Create breakthrough experiences with the latest user interface (UI) design principles and best practices.

User Interfaces:
Gateway to Innovation

The user interface isn’t just the surface of your product — it is your product, at least in the eyes of the end-user. This means even the most innovative ideas need an equally engaging interface to realize their potential. In practice, compelling user interfaces share several common attributes, including:


Reduce cognitive load and build a more cohesive brand experience across every platform


User-centered design principles help inform desirable decisions


UI components, patterns and libraries that grow alongside your user base


Emotional connections and aesthetic design keep users coming back

“A picture is worth a thousand words.
An interface is worth a thousand pictures.”
Ben Shneiderman

Learn what UI Design can do

See how UI designers turn abstract requirements into concrete specifications by leveraging elements like color, alignment and aesthetic.

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.”
Jeff Bezos

Common UI Design Questions

New to UI design? Not sure about the difference between UI and UX? Start with answers to common UI questions before diving deeper into the guide.

User Interface design is a design discipline dedicated to improving our interactions with machines. UI design leverages the outputs of UX Research and UX Design (stories, personas, maps, wireframes) to bring functional clarity through to final implementation. UI designers require a mix of empathy and analytical thinking to build powerful libraries of engaging elements.

The goal of UI design is to maximize the usability of a digital experience — meaning an experience that is effective (at achieving goals), efficient and satisfying. UI designers use a mixture of empathy and analytical thinking, considering elements ranging from fonts and colors to layouts and alignment.

UX and UI Design are closely related disciplines involved in the development of digital products, services and solutions. The difference between UX and UI design can be simply described as function vs form.

Applying UX Research methods such as usability testing and heuristic evaluation helps UI designers identify opportunities to improve usability. Most usability tests feature the think-aloud protocol, encouraging real or proxy users to share their thoughts while working through pre-defined tasks or free-form explorations.

Ecommerce UI Design:
A Closer Look

Explore an end-to-end example that builds off of UX Design deliverables to create a clean, compelling UI for a fictional bicycle brand.

The Library

The ability to efficiently expand your user interfaces is thanks to developing robust UI libraries that detail all the components and elements you need.

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The Hero

When you only have 50 milliseconds to make a first impression, every UI element works together to provide all the right signals to encourage engagement.

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The Scroll

Great scrolling experiences in ecommerce UI design are made possible by balancing fun and functional elements within a highly usable interface.

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