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Web Development Immersive

Master Web Development in 8 Weeks

Accelerate Your Career

Designed specifically for advanced students and new graduates of computer science, computer engineering, or software development programs, the Web Development Immersive Program accelerates your career with hands-on experience. Beyond learning essential Front-End development skills, you will also gain experience with data structures, algorithms, and learn how to build powerful web applications. Become a highly technical, autonomous, and collaborative developer using modern languages, libraries, and frameworks.

Project-Based Learning

Our classes offer a project-based learning environment, emphasizing collaboration and immediate feedback.

100% Scholarship

Applicants accepted to the program will receive a full scholarship plus a cash stipend. Get paid to learn!

Learn From The Best

Our team of expert educators bring extensive real-world knowledge to the classroom every day.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Nearly half of Costa Rican employers aren’t able to find the qualified people they need. The Web Development Immersive Program is designed for you to learn the skills and technologies that are in demand right now–and the curriculum is constantly evolving with the industry’s best tools and practices. Upon completion, Konrad may offer certain students a full-time position with the company. 

Enter the workforce with confidence that your credentials and experience will stand out from the rest.

tools You’ll learn
Program Benefits

Theory in Practice

Students will spend 50% of their time learning theory, and 50% applying their skills to their own projects.

Stunning Portfolio

Students leave the program with a stunning portfolio to bring into their next job interview.

Experience Konrad Culture

Experience the unique and engaging work culture at Konrad including team events, socials, and more.

A New Career

Upon course completion, Konrad may offer certain students a full-time position with the company.

Free to Attend

All students accepted to the Web Development Immersive program will be awarded a scholarship to cover all costs associated with the program as well as a cash subsidy to help offset external costs.

In just 2 months I learned the technical skills to be able to develop web applications from scratch with the latest technologies, all within a great environment.”
– José M. 2019 Web Development Graduate

Applicant Requirements

  • Previous knowledge in Web development and programming
  • Command of the English language (minimum intermediate level)
  • Maximum one year of working experience in a development role
  • Available full time for the duration of the program
  • Ability to attend in-person classes in San José

Application Process

  • 1

    Phone chat with our admissions team

    A short but friendly phone chat with a member of our admissions team to discuss expectations, availability, and English language skills.

  • 2

    Interview with a team manager

    This interview will evaluate your technical knowledge and discuss the general requirements.

  • 3

    Take-Home Technical Challenge

    This challenge will assess your basic programming knowledge and is designed to evaluate your logic and problem-solving skills rather than evaluate a specific technology.

  • 4

    Final Approval

    All applicants will be contacted no later than two weeks prior to the start date of the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before Applying

You do not have to pay for the program. All accepted applicants receive a full scholarship, but spots are limited.

Program requirements include basic programming knowledge, a command of the English language, full-time availability for the duration of the program, and no more than one year of experience in a developer role. The program is focused on students and recent grads who want to advance their careers in web development.

You will need a personal computer to work from – ideally laptop for the in-person sessions and a reliable internet connection during virtual sessions.

The program provides students with a fully immersed experience of the Konrad culture, at the Konrad offices. This unique experience provides students with value-added opportunities to get to know the team and the way we work at Konrad.

Program Information

The immersive Bootcamp is a learning experience focused mostly on Front-End technologies. During the 8 weeks, students will participate in full-time sessions from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM,  Monday through Friday. The sessions are divided into 50% theory and 50% practice.

The curriculum focuses on how to build powerful Web applications using modern languages that leverage data structures algorithms, databases, libraries, and frameworks. Among the technologies that will be worked on are: SASS, Node.js, NPM, React.js, Redux, Webpack, MongoDB, among others.

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